Monday, October 6, 2014

What to do when you feel weak & stuck in a rut & want to lose some weight, but don't really care enough to do it...

I believe God is showing me some basic truths in a new light. I believe God is with us throughout our lives, loving us, disciplining us, carrying us, & teaching us NEW things, always. This "new revelation" in my life may have something to do with my latest weight lost adventure...partnering with Angie over at The Sunny Patch Cottage with our weight loss goals, primarily with the intent of praying & encouraging one another. I've been attempting to "diet" for three weeks now, but pretty much give it up every single day & eat what I'm allowed to eat on "maintenance".( I have been counting calories pretty much all my life it seems). So, I am praying & again, realizing that I lack motivation, self discipline, self control, self denial & I love to eat too much;yes, really nothing new to me. So, I am praying, confessing my lukewarm, sloppy attitudes, & asking God to change me, because I really do NOT think I can do this without HIS POWER in me. I would just give up AGAIN. Honestly, I don't really believe it is SIN to eat on a maintenance diet. It was the sin of greed to get too fat in the first place, but eating normally is not necessarily sinful, & the self denial part....I mean WHO really has that one down pat? Actually, dieting to simply look good to people is SIN. God basically wants ALL OUR MOTIVES to be pleasing Him & Him ONLY. Food is just a small part of what is happening in my life but I write about it because we all can identify with the struggle. What I REALLY want to write about is what I heard at church yesterday, & what I've read in the Bible countless times but never really paid much attention, & what I have heard on the Christian radio lately too many times to be coincidence, & besides all that, I pray & pray for God to help me & teach me so why should I be surprised when HE ANSWERS ME CLEAR AS A BELL? So you want to know what He said?  He said: REMEMBER THE GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE FOR ME! He said: REMEMBER THE WONDROUS WORKS HE HAS DONE. He said: REMEMBER THE COVENANTS HE HAS ESTABLISHED ( the rainbow, our salvation covenant, etc.) He said: REMEMBER HIS WORDS ( this may be my greatest problem, realizing that my thoughts are NOT HIS THOUGHTS (Isaiah 55) and I need to repent and replace them with HIS THOUGHTS! Is that possible? Only by faith! be continued (Lord willing)     Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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