Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a.m.thoughts about manna

Here are a few thoughts I believe God is graciously giving me this a.m. as I began the day with reading the Bible & am specifically praying for God's thoughts to replace mine...in light of Isaiah 55, where God tells us "His thoughts are not ours", & we need to repent of our thoughts & seek His. I've heard some of these things before in sermons, but today I seem to be particularily reminded of them; the children of God, wandering the desert after God set them free from slavery in Egypt, were miraculously provided for each a.m. in the form of manna, sort of like yummy cookie crumbs scattered on the desert floor each morning for the children of God to gather in baskets, & feed from for the rest of the day. The manna, however, could not be kept overnight, for it would spoil & develop worms in it...except for the Sabbath...where God miraculously preserved it for the night, so the Israelites could sleep in that a.m.  Oops, those are my thoughts, nobody really knows what time they woke up but God graciously allowed them to rest from their labors on the Sabbath. (I like that idea!)   Okay....now let's hop over to the New Testament where Jesus says that HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE    &   "no one lives by bread alone but on every Word that proceeds out of the Father" (the Bible!)  So these are reasons why Christians like to develop a daily habit of reading the Bible & prayer time. I have been a Christian for a long time now & there are days when I am better at this than others. I just want to say for the record....MY DAYS GO MUCH BETTER WHEN I PUT PRIORITY ON READING THE BIBLE & PRAYING ALL THROUGH THE DAY, WHENEVER I THINK ABOUT GOD...JUST TALK TO HIM, RESPECTFULLY, WITH FAITH THAT HE HEARS ME & WILL REWARD ME. I have days where I am amazingly happy & I believe this is one of the ways to pure joy...staying close to God!   Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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