Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The one where God tells me what to eat....

Today is day 22 of my weight loss journey. That would be three full weeks on  yesterday. The only thing I've really done consistently is pray. I had a few exciting days in the start where it was easy to diet. Then I had a few days of eating too many desserts(it didn't SEEM like too many at the time,lol) I had a lot of days where I realized that I care more about eating than I care about exercising self denial. So, did I lose any weight? may or may not have gained a pound or two. lol  So, how do I feel about all this today?  I am actually thinking that this particular three weeks was absolutely necessary in my's probably been the most consistent time in my life that I prayed about weight loss. This a.m. I "happened" to think how Daniel prayed & the Lord took exactly three weeks to answer him! (I must look that story up later to refresh my memory). Also yesterday, I had an approximately 1500 calorie day that seemed to work really well for me. This a.m. I do believe God "said "to me; this is what you did yesterday, consistently. Inside, I am jumping up & down thinking "yes! i can do this! Thank you Lord for answering my prayers & helping me!" And yes, I will tell you what I plan to eat. It may inspire or give you some ideas.  First of all, I know I can count calories. I've done that since teenage years. Calories are sorta like math & the scale...they don't lie. I think they are scientific. However, they cannot motivate me. I do know that if I eat roughly 1500 daily, I will lose a steady pound per week. Not much, but 4 pounds per month x 10 equals 40 pounds....yay! I know I want to continue eating a high percentage of vegetables & fruits. In my mind, that means vitamins & a healthier immune system. I like a handful of assorted nuts & sunflower seeds daily...good fats that I think help my aging joints. I also prefer a very routine diet. It seems the less I have to think or plan may help me not obsess over food thoughts. I DO NOT want to give up sugar. I will continue to eat small amounts of sugar in my coffee, pickled beets, salad dressing, & cold cereal. The Bible says "It is good to eat honey" but "too much makes one sick", I might use honey or molasses in place of while sugar. I am willing to give up desserts FOREVER. I just need to DO IT!      As this is getting long, I will tell you what I ate yesterday: coffee with sugar, salad, soup, cereal, nuts, fruit. I put a small amount of chicken in the salad & soup. The soup had a tiny bit of bacon & pepperoni in it. I am frugal with meats. If I want to splurge a little, I might have a hamburger or sandwich or steak, etc, but will have to adjust the calories.    Okay, enough food talk for today. I will plan to share how I make salad & dressing next time.   Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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