Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exercise & salad

I used to walk . A lot. All over the house, around the yard, & around the block. But I am old & my feet began to hurt. A lot. So I decided to quit walking around the block & lay around reading mostly Christian blogs on the internet. (Love this!) My feet are a lot better but I still have minor issues if I walk far. One good thing about less exercise is I realized I simply had to CHANGE my eating habits or I would definitely gain weight. Already have too much of that! Again, counting calories & paying attention to what I eat helped me figure out how much I could eat. But I always wanted to EAT MORE than I knew I should. Struggle! Yes, part of that was food choices...I mean who wants to eat too many carrots or apples! I think I have slowly acquired some wisdom on making food choices when one doesn't have the option of lots of exercise to burn off the chocolate & desserts or heavily calorie laden foods. Some people learned this a lot earlier than me...I'm slow!   But God is good, He is helping me...slow learner that I am!  I'm ready to give up those calorie loaded vitamin empty foods & eat lots of you know...fruits, veggies, lean meats & SMALL portions of  bread & cereals...I'm also trying to move that involved yard & garden work. I'm cutting some branches (lots of branches!) for kindling & chipping twigs for compost. & digging around the compost pit & turning some sod for more garden THAT is some good exercise!  Now, I'm entirely tired of talking about are you doing?  I do want to come back soon & write about salad!   Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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