Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Feminists are welcome here!!!

     I am an older lady of 57 years. I have two ex- husbands. I have nine children & nine grandchildren. I was raised by a single mom. I was the oldest of six children. I have so many stories to tell that I often get overwhelmed & avoid this site. Writing IS NOT my favorite thing to do but one thing I am sure of .....this story of mine is amazing because of the wonderful things that God has done for me & my family. I know I need to tell you more, before you can believe, & I will! But first I am going to take a little break....I will be asking God to show me what to write, (faith in action). It's okay if you think I'm crazy...I love that you are here! Please come back!    Much love (& prayers)  Cynthia

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