Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pastor Marty

I just want to tell everyone how much I love this pastor! I have been to a lot of different churches in my life & I don't want to be negative but honestly, pastors can have big issues & sadly it affects everyone . All I know is that Pastor Marty is a treasure & that while yes, he is just a man, God uses him in my life to bring me incredible blessings!          Pastor Marty was telling a story a few weeks ago when his oldest daughter began to date & he had some worries about the young man who was taking her out that evening. Pastor Marty gathered his gun cleaning equipment & a large gun & then invited the young man inside to have a conversation about the large gun's hunting capabilities. After that conversation, Pastor Marty gave the young man a firm curfew & warned him to have his daughter home ON TIME!  He said the young man brought her home on time & did NOT ask for another date.      I found myself amazed by this story because I have NEVER known personally a father who had such a fervent heart to protect his daughters. Of course, I know Pastor Marty would never shoot anyone. I simply see this story as a father who loves & treasures his daughters & wants the best for them!           I will honestly admit that I have spent a lot of time in self-pity & blame for my messy life but I am understanding more & more how the FATHER loves me & treasures me & has been there my ENTIRE LIFE! God has a much greater purpose for my life than making it pretty & comfortable. He wants to glorify HIMSELF through my life & while I don't fully understand, I am learning to trust Him with all of it, the good, the bad, & the ugly. I am trusting that He truly is giving "beauty for ashes" & "joy instead of mourning" & a "hope that never fades". He does the same for ALL WHO BELIEVE IN JESUS!   Love & prayers, Cynthia


  1. I've been reading bits and pieces of your story here, Cynthia. How inspiring it is to read of God's movements in your life. I especially loved the post about your son, Joshua, and how he threw dirt and his brother called it communication. Love that.
    It is clear the Lord has given you eyes to see and that that gift is not wasted on you.

    Blessings dear one,


  2. So beautiful for a father to be so protective! Thank you for sharing!