Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Testimony part two

Wow! How does one live to be 55 years old & then decided to write about it? Since I really don't want to write a book, I do what I often do; ask the Lord for help! Here is what I believe He gave me for today; when God tells us as Christians, that He works all things for our good, He means ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! One of my favorite Bible character is Joseph, whose brothers wanted to kill him, but in the end, Joseph forgave them & said,"You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good."  It is just that SIMPLE, really. Sometimes I understand very plainly how God has turned good out of ALL of my life. Sometimes, my faith falters,and it begins to look dark and confusing. In those times, I've learned to wait, to trust God, to keep praying. The sun ALWAYS shines again. Many of God's truths are just PLAIN SIMPLE. We believe He exists & that He rewards us when we seek Him. (Hebrews).  We believe He is absolutely good. We believe He loves us. We believe He blesses us INCREDIBLY, even when our lives seem dark. Jesus died on the cross so our sins could be forgiven & we could be free from punishment & have eternal life.  My life isn't even my own actually, I have died,(baptism) & it is Jesus Christ Who lives in me. Even my messy testimony belongs to Christ & I know He gets GLORY from a redeemed life. He truly does set us FREE, even from shame & guilt.               Revelation 12:11;  "And they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb & by the word of their testimony, & they did not love their lives unto the death."


  1. Yes, it is hard to see Him working for our good sometimes, but He always is! So incredible, all that He does for us! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I know firsthand how God can make something SO GOOD out of the hard days! He is good ALL of the time....and that gives me such hope. Thank you for sharing your testimony. May God bless you!

  3. Your words are lovely!

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

    In His love,