Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I looked in the plumbing section at Wal Mart and there it was : a universal plumbing apparatus to fit inside the toilet tank and stop the habitually running toilet that I could tweak a bit but never solve the problem. And... it was EASY to install according to the package. It was also cheap so I bought it. So later at home I opened the package and unfolded the instruction sheet....wait a minute...this isn't looking so easy after all. Here were a couple dozen detailed instructions that looked a little like French to my very NON-mechanical  mind! Why,  just skimming through the instructions made me realize I'd have to get my glasses & STUDY them for an hour or two just to understand what I was reading & I wasn't even sure what type of water supply I had on my toilet! So at that point in my mind, a simple 15 minute task turned into a possibility of hours on a project that I've never attempted. I decide to call a plumber & let  a professional deal with it. Well this was on Friday & the plumber couldn't make it but I had a houseful of children & grandchildren all weekend  & had to tweak the toilet over & over & over....Monday morning I woke very early. All the children were sleeping soundly. One of my very first thoughts was that I COULD FIX THE TOILET. And it wasn't just that I could fix the toilet but I KNEW that God would help me fix the toilet. I had a confidence that I simply didn't have a few days ago. So I began, not bothering with the instructions, after all I had God helping me! It took me less than 5 minutes  to unscrew the old piece & screw in the new piece. It all works good & doesn't leak. Did I ask God to help me fix the toilet? Yes. Why did it take me 3 days to get the confidence I needed? I don't know! Is there a moral to this story? Yes! Little victories like this are faith builders!Does my faith still need strengthening? Yes, always.  Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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  1. Great story, Cynthia! It's amazing to see Him come through in areas where we feel inadequate. I'm glad He blessed you with the confidence and ability to fix the toilet, and that He strengthened your faith by doing so.