Saturday, August 11, 2012

As you may have heard, we are in a drought! For weeks now I have prayed for rain & God has said "NO". It's not traumatic for me since I live in an arid climate anyway & am used to this. I do feel bad for the farmers though & there will be more food shortages which will only hurt the poor.  I have just a few garden plants which I water EVERY SINGLE DAY. Last night, I was SO WEARY, & prayed again for my withering trees & grass, "Lord, PLEASE send some rain tonight & please don't let it blow into my garage (as it usually does, even beneath the closed garage door)". My son returned home & had deposited belongings right in front of the garage door. I was so tired & didn't even want to shut the garage door which I leave open after a hot day to let the garage cool off.   Anyhow, this morning I awoke to a lovely watered yard & garden. I didn't even hear the rain! And, when I peeked in the garage, there was my son's belongings,nice & dry in front of the open garage door & not a drop of rain had blown inside! Thank You Jesus!!!  I continue to pray for the farmers.  Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia   P.S. Keep praying! God hears!


  1. How wonderful! We've been praying for rain a lot here, too, and praise God that He sent some recently! We all need it so badly. Thank you for sharing this story! It's so great to hear of His power and faithfulness!

  2. God has a wonderful sense of humor and compassion. Dry belongings and wet grass, kinda reminds me of Gideon. I'm happy to hear that you had some much needed rain. Blessings.