Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've discovered that I am rather lazy about writing here. I have lots of ideas about what I might write but I'm lazy about prayer to figure out better what God is saying. I would rather read what others write & that is all good but at some point I need to pray specifically how God would have me use all this wonderful information! I did pray this a.m. & blogging is a priority right now because it really is an amazing responsibility to be a Christian & God calls us to share what we know. Just think how selfish we are to keep the GOOD NEWS to ourselves. We are commissioned by God to tell others, even when the truth is hard, (think about Jonah!)   I love reading Christian women blogs but I am finding one tendency is beginning to stand out & I have the same tendency! We do NOT present the negative side of rejecting Christ!   Here is what God told the prophet Ezekiel; (Ezekiel 3:19) "If you warn the wicked & he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked ways, he shall die in his sins, but YOU HAVE DELIVERED YOUR SOUL." (My emphasis!) I am beginning to understand that just like Jonah, God orders us to share what we know & we have a tendency to shrink from it because of fear.  God holds us accountable for peoples' souls!!!        Today, though I don't even LIKE TO THINK ABOUT  IT, everywhere I turn people are discussing the gay rights issue! Even to a very PERSONAL degree as My grand daughter prepares to enter kindergarten where some 4th grade girls think it's cool to be lesbian. This has led me to offer to pay tuition to put her in a Christian school because I understand the power of peer-pressure & the lack of moral, biblical teaching as it relates to young children  & I feel personally responsible for my grand daughter! I just don't want her in a school where those issues cannot even be TRUTHFULLY ADDRESSED!            Christians DO NOT HATE gay people! We simply believe God will judge this sin if not repented of. We also believe God calls us to warn others against sin. And yes, we have sin also, but if it's willful sin in a Christian's life, the church is called to deal with that as well. It's called church discipline & it is as necessary as discipline is for children.     Oh why am I dealing with such heavy issues? I feel inadequate! But the scripture SAYS my adequacy comes from Jesus!      " To him who knows the right thing to do but does not do it, to him it is sin."   I know that's in the Bible, just not exactly where.     Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


  1. Lots of great points in here! So much I need to remember! Thank you for talking about what few others would. I hope everything works out for your granddaughter. And the verse you quoted is James 4:17 (I know only because I used it in my last post - though I really ought to know where things are . . . it's hard because I'm so bad with numbers . . . got to work on that.) Great post, friend!

  2. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Great job with this subject. I could not remember the James 4:17 either. Way to go Mary. Thank you for stopping by and leaving an encouraging word.