Monday, February 9, 2015

Azra & Jack's Divine Valentine

My 8 year old grand daughter, Azra was here to visit me this weekend & one of the first things she asked me was if I had anything special for Valentine's Day  (hint, hint, lol ). I said honestly, "No, I haven't thought about that yet since it's a week away." I only see Azra & her 4 year old brother, Jack once or twice a month since they live out of town. They spent the night & we had a fun time putting together a sewing kit for Azra (scraps of fabric, buttons, needle & thread, etc.) Azra enjoyed decorating the lid with a black marker & Jack had made a little "gun" from legos, so he decorated that with the black marker, in cute little artistic designs. I didn't really think about Valentine's Day until the next morning while we were getting ready for church. I knew I wouldn't be seeing them for awhile & I was wondering what I could come up with to send with them, when they headed home after church. I had a quick idea as I spotted a piece of cardboard I had saved for "crafts" & quickly cut out a large heart, tied a bright pink ribbon for hanging, & on one side printed "Jesus loves Azra", and on the other side," Jesus loves Jack".Each child had fun decorating their side with a red marker. As they were decorating with the marker, I instructed Azra to find a doorknob or something similar to hang the valentine on when she got home. Then I added, "When you get tired of it, be sure to save the pretty ribbon to add to your sewing scraps, before you throw it away." Azra replied brightly, "Oh, I don't get tired of 'Jesus loves me'."  Wow! I hope & pray that she never will!      Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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