Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heaven, marriage, & knowing Jesus

I was reading a precious young woman's blog a few minutes ago. She was describing heaven; commenting that golden streets, crystal rivers, etc. could actually seem boring in her viewpoint, but she had found the most wonderful thing about heaven in this verse; John 17:3 "Now this is eternal life, that they KNOW You, the only true God & Jesus Christ, Whom You have sent." I want to tell you that when I think about this, I find myself a bit SHOCKED because I remember hearing several sermons where I was taught that when Adam KNEW Eve in the intimate married way, the SAME word for describing marital intimacy is what God uses to describe a believer's relationship with Himself. I find the same type of imagery repeated in the Bible when God is described as the Bridegroom & the church as His bride. God frequently admonishes the children of Israel for their "harlotry" (idolatry) in the Old Testament & refers to Himself as a Father, a Husband, & a Lover. Is it really that surprising that the God of all creation, uses this very same creation to reveal aspects of His personality to us, if we have a mind & a heart to seek Him?  I can't really agree that mansions in heaven, golden streets, & crystal rivers are boring...I mean I'd really love to have my very own mansion! But the idea that as part of the church, the bride of Christ, I will have the full consummation of a personal, intimate relationship with the King of Kings is simply amazing!  God intends marriage to be lovely, holy, a picture of heavenly beauty & love. It so saddens me that everything about marriage seems to be so negative these days. I am thankful that God, through His Word & creation, can give us holy & lovely & TRUE thoughts about marriage to replace the negative.  Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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