Friday, March 14, 2014

More blessed.....

I will begin by making a little confession here: sometimes I wallow in a little self pity, thinking that I don't get much attention & I have a little jealousy toward happily married women, etc. I am happy to tell you that I am learning to confess these thoughts quickly to the Lord & repent of them. God is so thoughtful to bring His Words to my mind such as "It is BETTER to give than to receive!" Acts 20:35.( This post draft has been sitting here a few days.) This morning I was in the car in front of the convenience store watching a floral delivery person carry a large arrangement & balloon into the store. It hit me again; "I don't get much attention!" But then, the sweet Spirit of God reminded me how fleeting those "birthday feelings" really are and also, how deep & genuinely joyful God's favor & loving presence is in our hearts, in contrast to fleeting vanities! I was again, flooded with the overwhelming sense of gratitude & thankfulness for what God has done for me, beginning with loving me deeply, saving me for eternity through the gift of faith in the saving atonement of His one & only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The LIST of blessings towards me is NEVERENDING!


  1. Allowing Him to mold your spirit into the likeness of His Son is a beautiful thing. And the rewards of that are eternal. I have to remind myself of similar things often in our current position with our family and marriage.

  2. Never ending, indeed! Your thankful spirit is a beautiful addition to a meek & quiet spirit. Beautiful! Be blessed!