Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I did stay up to celebrate the new year this time! (Most years I sleep) Our church had a lovely gathering with lots of music & food. Right before I finally crawled in bed, I looked to see if Ann Voscamp had posted at A Holy Experience, (one of my favorite blogs). Yes, she had & the delightful part is that she had written pretty much what I was thinking! Paul writes in Philippians 3 about the righteousness found through faith in Jesus Christ, & how he was very aware that he wasn't perfected yet, but he emphasizes forgetting the past & pressing on toward the future; the ultimate goal being the reward found in Jesus Christ!      This is a marvelous way to think about our failures, mistakes, & sins, (which we make daily, even though we don't want to!) It's a marvelous way to think about others as well, because we simply must forgive & move on & extend grace to others, not expecting ANYONE to be perfect. I had so many good thoughts about these verses but I am drawing a blank; I'm sort of a lazy blogger & I like to keep my posts short so it works out well I think! Read Ann's blog for more thoughts on those verses. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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