Saturday, June 2, 2012

I love how God "speaks" to us! For me, a "quiet, reflective time" is mowing the lawn apparently because I know God firmly impressed this thought into my mind: "Our will is NOT His will! There is a big difference, just as the Bible say,"Our ways are not His ways & our thoughts are not His thoughts. His ways & His thoughts are much higher than ours!" Please Look at Isaiah 55:8&9 for more accuracy. But here is what I am learning just lately(and I've followed God a LONG time now): Anything that is from us,our thoughts & ways are inheritantly sinful! This must be why the Catholics coined the term "original  sin". The Bible simply says over & over & over that our "flesh" must die & we MUST be born again by the Spirit, & we must walk in the Spirit, & the Spirit gives life but the law leads to death. And here is what I heard so clearly while mowing the lawn: IF WE WANT GOD'S BLESSINGS WE MUST LEARN HIS WILL! I know God loves me & forgives my sin because of Jesus but He has given me His Spirit & a strong desire to please Him & I am striving to spend more of my time figuring out what He wants. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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