Friday, April 13, 2018

False Alarm

Today I spent a frightening 5 to 10 minutes wandering around the WalMart parking lot looking for my car. The reason I was so afraid was because I thought someone might have stolen it with Josh sitting inside. I lock the car, but leave the ignition key so Josh can listen to his music. Josh happily watches people going in and out of the store while he has a snack. I hurry and only shop for a few things. Thankfully, I eventually realized, I was searching around the wrong entrance, and finally found him right in front of the other entrance. Whew...huge relief! That got me thinking how many awful things might have happened to me, except for the grace of God and His protection and sovereignty in my life. I struggle to remember that He is with me and fully in control, and working it ALL for my good. Even if the terrible would occur in my life, God is there and He is for me! 💟💟💟 P.S. I figured out blogging on my phone...easy!

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