Friday, May 22, 2015


Hmmm....blogger just told me they don't like my's "unsupported", whatever that means. I still can't figure out how to double space & get my "previews" type to match up with my posts and therefore I can't indent my paragraphs. I caused further issues with my computer when I tried to speed it up, now I am having trouble leaving comments on other blogs. It will be interesting to see if this post "works"! As I ponder on these issues, it occurs to me that God is in total control of things....even allowing these small glitches & turning them out for my good. I've been using e-mail to reply to some blog posts & I am thinking God is reminding me & teaching me further, how important our Christian fellowship is & that we need to include some one-on-one sometimes. Sometimes, we really need one-on-one encouragement & ministry. I think of Jesus taking a few minutes here & there to talk personally to the woman at the well, Martha, Peter, Nicodemus, etc. Now I shall hit the publish button, which has an odd orange outline, & see what happens???

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