Monday, June 2, 2014


I am an OLD homeschooler...nine children all homeschooled at some point in their lives. We did some Christian and some public school as well. Often, it became their choice as they got older. Now, most are on their own except for Joshua, age 15, who has extreme mental disability & is non verbal, and David, who is age 13 with some mild autism & learning disabilities. Obviously, this is an extensive subject & I could spend many hours writing about it. Today, I just want to sum it all up by saying I am AGAIN trying to hear exclusively from the Lord about what is BEST for my 13 year old son & what the LORD"S WILL is for us. As you may know, it is very easy to overlook the Lord's will & just continue on on in our self reliance & presumptions, but the Lord loves us & desires for us to seek His will in everything & He has good ways to get our attention. God knows our every motive. Well, this is a bit random, but rather than saving to finish later, I will post it, continue to pray, & write later what I believe the Lord is revealing to me. Sometimes, we must WAIT prayerfully until we are SURE it's the LORD'S ANSWER. That's where I'm at...I'm so tired of being deceived by the Deceiver. I WANT to hear direction from the Lord!    Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


  1. Believing the Lord will answer your prayers! Wow, 9 children! I have 2. It's a miracle they survived me. Haha!

  2. Satan hits me HARD sometimes with the accusations that I am responsible for all of my grown children's sins...(such as; "they are lazy because you didn't make them work harder when they were children". This goes on & on sometimes, but I think I am finally learning, yes, I wasn't a perfect mom & I am still lazy sometimes! My children sure aren't perfect either, but one thing we can ALL count on...God loves us hugely & has given every single one of us MUCH GRACE! Thank you for visiting Michelle! Love & prayers, Cynthia