Monday, November 18, 2013

The Body of Christ

Haha! I was thinking how easy it is to put a song here, but then I couldn't figure how to write beneath it! If you've never heard The Body Song, I'd encourage you to listen because the simple harmonies are remarkable. I Corinthians 12 describes the church as being the body of Christ, with Jesus as the head. It gives us a beautiful illustration of how all the parts, even the lowly are very important. I caught my little toe on a chair leg a few weeks ago, giving it a good yank & probably a dislocation as I had to walk VERY SLOWLY for a week & it is still tender & swollen & requires a loose fitting shoe, however MUCH better now. Who would think a little toe could cause such a handicap?  1 Cor.12:26 says that " if one member suffers, ALL the members suffer with it."  I think this wonderfully describes the love & closeness & care that we should have for each other, as the Body Of Christ.  Please listen to The Body Song, paying close attention to the harmony at the end, where all the parts sing in unison. You'll be glad you listened!   Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


  1. Your toe is a perfect illustration for the body of Christ. I hope your toe is doing better now. A long time ago I hurt (probably broke) my little toe and often re-hurt it by catching it on something. So painful!!

    There is a way to add a You-Tube song to your post. I haven't used blogger for a long time but you highlight the link on You-Tube and copy and paste it as a link. I don't remember exactly where you can paste it. It seems that there was a couple ways to do it. I know that one way I put a song into a post was to type in the title and then highlight the title and link it the same way you might link the title of a blog. Then when you click on it, it will play in You Tube. I probably made this as clear as mud!!

    1. Thank you for visiting Judith. I have had so many good lessons from the injured toe. One that surprised me is that even though I consider myself rather lowly, like the little toe, I still am important to the Body...even some of my insights! It's gives me a God confidence & a more clear understanding how He is the " lifter" of our heads! Hopefully I will figure out You Tube better some day. I find they tend to simplify things eventually as well. That's a good thing for me!

  2. Nice to see how we had this verse in common this week!

    I love how you approach the subject here, and the song you mention (which I'd never heard before -- thanks for sharing it below!) hits the nail on the head.

    With continued healing wishes (ouch!)...

    God bless,

    P.S. I'm new to Blogger, so am no expert. Perhaps I'm using a newer, "easier" version of the software, but in any case, inserting music videos (i.e., from YouTube) is really no different from inserting photos... Simply click the movie icon right next to the image icon, search for (or copy and paste) the video link you want, and that's all there is to it. You can write above, below -- whatever! Good luck... :-)

  3. Thank you for visiting! I love how the Holy Spirit "speaks" to us in themes. Sometimes, I think that is the way the Lord makes His "voice" obvious to us; by using others to confirm His message to us. Blessings! (Thanks for the info...will try it.)