Friday, September 6, 2013

Grandchildren are a blessing (part two)

            Yes, it is true that three of my grandchildren are in foster care right now, partly because their mother was overwhelmed at the responsibility of caring for them.  Please don't ask me if the authorities are trying to implement a permanent sterilization on my 22 year old daughter  (yes, I was asked this church). As far as I know, they aren't...but it wouldn't surprise me, sadly.                                        What I would like you to know is that God promises to work ALL things out for our good. Love covers a multitude of sins...even insensitive offense taken, I promise. I will even tell you that the enemy gets in my imaginations sometimes, & I wonder how the "octomom's" parents dealt with their daughter & her children. The Holy Spirit warned me NOT to judge the octomom & her family but to pray for them all...I do. Remember God is the judge & He judges us according to the mercy we have towards others.                                                                                                                                                           That same morning at church  (of the insensitive question) , I believe the Lord promised He would restore double to me. He did that for Job & I'm pretty sure there are some similar promises in Jeremiah or Isaiah. Is it the book of Amos where God promises to restore the years the locusts had eaten?   Anyhow, someone simply asked me how I was doing & that popped into my mind, " God is going to restore double to me."  I'm not sure exactly what, but I think maybe grandchildren? Maybe joy? Maybe both?  I will know soon...God always keeps His promises!     Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia                                                                                                                                        


  1. Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for stopping by my post "Of Brothels and Cameras."

    Regarding your daughter and your grandkids, I'm sorry for harsh insensitive things people have said to you. May your daughter be comforted as she misses her kids, I'm sure. May these foster care homes be amazing oases for your grandkids during this time, and may --yes-- God restore double to your whole family. I won't pretend to know what this feels like.

    Humbly, respectfully,
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. He truly does keep His promises! I pray that God will continue to work things out for you and your family . . . I know that He is always Faithful! Thank you for sharing, friend!