Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grandchildren are a blessing

I've had the three grandchildren for about five days now. They are ages 4, 2, & a six-week old infant. I will admit that even though I have raised nine children, the idea of being a single older mom (age 56) to three older boys (one with severe developmental delays), as well as full time grandma TERRIFIED me at times. I won't go into all the details of why but you could use your imagination on that one. Can I just say that God is good & I am finding this experience to be an absolute DELIGHT at this point!!! My daughter has chosen to enter a group home for the mentally ill rather than move back in with her father, or myself, or even some good friends. This was fully her choice & she is okay mentally at this point. I am still praying about what to share here, as I find it tempting to elaborate on the drama of it all but I know that would be WRONG. This is the most bizarre trial of my life. The grandchildren are still in protective custody with foster parents but I am now a "grandma foster parent" whose role is to assist the foster parents when needed. God is FULLY SOVEREIGN & I am finding this oxy-moron again to be true: the greatest problems are tools in God's hands to bring the GREATEST JOYS!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts with us! It's amazing to read!

  2. So good to hear that God is being Faithful to you in this difficult situation! Glad things are going well with your daughter, and that you are enjoying having your grandchildren around! God bless you, friend!