Saturday, January 12, 2013

Proverbs 31 Woman part four

Proverbs 31; verse 13," She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands." I'm pretty sure wool would have been a material used for a variety of purposes as it was spun into yarn and woven into clothing, blankets, and perhaps even rugs. Flax would be a material used primarily for clothing I think. (I should google this but am in a hurry) The one thing that stands out to me in this verse is that it takes tons of time to create clothing from the raw materials. This woman spends a lot of time working with her hands!  ( I like to complain when I don't feel I have enough free time, oops!)  I will share a recent project that I did this past week in caring for my disabled son. Joshua is nearly fourteen years old and six foot tall, plus several inches. He occasionally likes to kick furniture if he is frustrated, bored, or just to show his strength. Joshua sleeps on an older sofa in the living room as it's his preference & he sleeps better there. He was kicking the armrest next to his feet quite frequently & I thought he was just grumpy but eventually discovered he was outgrowing the length of the sofa. I won't go into all the reasons I didn't run out & just buy a new piece of furniture for him but I prayed & believe God gave me the solution. I simply cut off the armrest & padded an old piano bench, (after cutting six inches off each leg) & put it at the end of the sofa for Joshua to rest his feet on. Now this sounds simple enough, but it happened to take up the better part of one day, in addition to all the routine stuff I do each day. Plus, we had to rearrange furniture. Whew, I was tired but it did give me a very satisfied feeling & was much simpler & economical compared to buying a new sofa. Joshua was happy too!   So, all this to say I believe the Proverbs woman was doing what was necessary in her day to care for her family. She also had help with her work,  as we will read that she had maidservants in verse 15, but she still got out of bed while it was dark!  Honestly, this makes me a bit tired thinking about it but one thing I have learned is that the Lord Himself gives us the strength we need. More later... Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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  1. Oh, I don't like all that work, either, but it's an excellent point! I really need to work on that. Wonderful story, too! I'm glad you found such an effective solution! Thank you for sharing, friend!