Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm back online after lightning struck the router a few weeks ago. I really missed surfing the blog world as I do believe the Lord blesses these relationships that we form here & the fellowship is sweet. However, I believe the Lord's timing on this was because I had a large project to work on in addition to caring for two special needs sons, (Joshua, a two year old in a teenager body;& David, who is eleven & mentally fairly bright but emotionally more like a four year old.) I sold a storage building & have been cleaning it out; big job! I do intend to write more about life with these boys but today will share two brief stories from this week.        A few nights ago, a knock on the door woke me up at about 2:00 a.m.  It was a police officer bringing David home who occasionally likes to wander off for an "adventure". This is the first one in the middle of the night! I lectured him about safety & grounded him from games for a few days. I also began making him wake up earlier as he tends to sleep in an hour or two more than I do. Not anymore!        Joshua has a carefully fenced (by me!) play area in the yard as he likes to run off as well & walk in the neighbor's houses or run across the highway, etc. I watch him pretty closely when he is outdoors to make sure he isn't trying to climb or tear down my nine foot fence, ( four foot chain link with five foot of chicken wire on top )   Anyhow, a few months ago I noticed a volunteer bush growing in my yard just happened to be a chokecherry tree. I don't have any of these trees & I have fond memories of memories of my grandmother's homemade chokecherry syrup on pancakes. So I notice Joshua one day reaching across the wire to pick chokecherries. Actually he is pretty much pulling the wire down to get at the chokecherries & could easily get over the wire & run away if he wanted. I just happened to have about a fifteen foot large branch laying in my front yard that had blown down from a high wind a week ago. So now I am raising the nine foot fence a few more feet and wiring the wire to this homegrown fence post. Yes, my fence is very unique looking & yes, I do have as few neighbors who take pride in the way their homes look. Me. I don't have so much pride anymore & don't really miss it as it never made me happy. Caring for Joshua & David, while making my life unique & unpredictable, give me much happiness!        Mark 9:37   " Whoever receives one of these little children in My Name receives Me & whoever receives Me, receives not Me, but Him Who sent Me." (Jesus)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! It's so great to hear your perspective and your stories about life with your sons. It opens my eyes a little more. Lots of wisdom in here, too. Thank you so much for your words!