Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm thinking about Elijah today.In 1 Kings 17, we find  Elijah hiding for his life apparently, after pophesying God sending a drought to punish Israel's idolatry. God told him to hide along the Brook Cherith where He commanded the ravens to feed Elijah. After awhile, the brook dried up and God told Elijah to move on where a widow was to feed him. Elijah arrived at the widow's house to find her hopelessly preparing her last morsel of food . Elijah tells her to not be afraid and to feed him first and that God would provide more flour & oil miraculously & it would not run out until the drought ended.    God is teaching me so much from this story.(Look it up & reread it)"First of all, don't be surprized when people hate us when we stand up for Jesus. This isn't the only time Elijah had to run for his life.     Secondly, God provides for us by miraculous means. Jesus told us to "Seek 1st the kingdom & His righteousness & all these things will be provided."   Thirdly, it is never just about ourselves. God has created the body to be dependant on each other. Elijah passed on faith to the hopeless widow & she cared for him (because men need a woman to take care of them sometimes)however God had ordained the relationship( Which WAS NOT sexual by the way) as He ordains our relationships now.I think this male,female relationship portrays the relationship I have with my pastor. Pastor Marty has a strong relationship with God Who has instituted our church. God said He commanded the widow to provide for Elijah & He commands us to care for our pastors. Since I rely on God to provide for me & besides I WANT to obey Him in everything, I gladly give my tithes & offerings.  God blesses us when we obey Him!      Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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  1. Oh, wonderful truth - that we will suffer, that He will provide, and that it's not about us. It's so hard to remember these things, though - to trust Him and live like they're true. Praise God that He's the one working in us teaching us to live this, because I could never do it on my own. Thank you so much for sharing!